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Air Purification

Bad, or polluted indoor air is responsible for so many illnesses that there are too many to list here. Your doctor knows that healing, and staying healthy begins with the very air you breathe. Unlike HEPA Filters, CREATES clean, fresh air.

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NEW!! Theta Brain Wave Therapy

Free session for all Veterans, active military, Firefighters, & Police officers.

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Breast Thermography November 10th, 2023 by appointment only

Eniko will be back once again doing Breast Thermography.

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Don't wait, educate.

Eight questions you should ask when vaccinating.

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Primitive Reflex Intergration: Healing the brain is the key

The light spectrum, sound frequencies, and touch help integrate reflex pathways. Helpful for learning disorders, ADD, ADHD, social interaction, speech, and many more.

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