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About Breast Thermography
Breast Thermography is an adjunctive diagnostic procedure approved by FDA for breast cancer screening. For this purpose it uses a highly specialized infrared camera that reads and takes an image of the temperature emitted by the human tissue. This heat pattern is then measured and analyzed by comparing with known normal areas of temperature distribution and with the opposite breast. The computerized analysis of these heat patterns can lead to a clinical impression indicating the presence of breast abnormality. In other words a thermogram is a measurement of the physiology in the human tissue. By contrast, breast mammograms can only see anatomical changes in the breast. While mammograms have their own place in clinical testing, it must be emphasized that thermographic imaging has the potential to detect abnormalities 8-10 years before conventional testing can.

What are the Benefits of Breast Thermography?

It is non-invasive: nothing enters or contacts the body.
It is totally safe, even for pregnant or younger women.
It is pain free.
It does not send radiation or anything else through the breasts.
There is no compression.
And, as mentioned earlier, because thermographic imaging can detect abnormalities many years before the conventional testing can, it can give the woman an opportunity to change the focus of the treatment methods: the most successful program can be developed with the best of her interest at its heart.

When Should Women Start Breast Thermography?

Considering that it takes about 10 years for a mammogram to spot the actual mass (breast cancer) it is recommended that women start breast thermograms in their early thirties.

How Often Should Women Get a Thermogram?

Once a year unless there are any abnormal results or concerns, in which case your doctor will guide you through the next steps

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