Naturopathic care is a distinct system of healthcare that combines healing traditions from many different cultures with the latest research in natural medicine. It is focused on prevention by assessing a person's lifestyle, diet, environment and other factors that affect health.


Its uniqueness is that it looks for the cause of illness rather than simply treating symptoms. Suggestions will be given to help facilitate your body's innate ability to heal itself.

Just as Naturopathic care is effective for addressing imbalances in the body it can be also be used to increase wellness in healthy people. Sometimes people feel they are healthy but may actually be functioning at a sub-optimal level. Can you recall a time when you had more energy, mental clarity, or vitality? Naturopathic guidance will help you make the necessary changes to achieve optimal wellness.


Nutritional & Personal Health Appriasal

Much about health can be determined by assessing the blood using high resolution microscope. This could unveil what standard laboratory test may have not detected. You will be able to see with your own eyes, your blood, on a TV monitor what is moving through the blood in your body. Viewing your blood is intended to detect systemic oxidative activity, pleamorphic activity, metabolic waste in excess. Your intake forms and personel history will be reviewed to design a program specific for you. You will be educated, offered guidance, and suggestions will be offered on what nutritional needs might be right for you. Let us help you identifiy the imbalaces before they become a problem.


Health Apprasal includes:

  • Review of health history/intake forms/current lab reports

  • Viewing of your blood* on a video monitor

  • Nutritional suggestions (includes supplements, homeopathics, etc.)

  • Blood Glucose

  • Blood Pressure

The appraisal will last approximately 1 hour.


"For the life of the flesh is in the blood" Leviticus 17 vs. 11

*Blood viewing - Research value only