Nutritional Formulas

Being in the health care field I know medications have their purpose in an emergency situation. So, don't let your health turn into an emergency situation. Prevention is the key to a healthy body. You are responsible for your body & health. Don't wait, take charge of your health today.


Order # May help with the following
1-A Arthritis
Arthritic conditions, joint inflammation, calcium supplement
1-B Arthritis
Arthritic conditions, joint inflammation, calcium supplement
2 Calcium/Magnesium
Calcium supplement, osteoporosis, muscle cramps, strong bones & teeth, promotes sound sleep, menopause, maintenance of a regular heartbeat & transmission of nerve impulses, heart disease, heart palpitations, High B/P, irritability, nervousness, depression, dizziness, muscle weakness, twitching, maintaining proper pH, brittle nails, eczema, aching joints, increased cholesterol, arthritis
3-A Vitamin C
Cancer, heart disease, macular degeneration, skin & capillary strength, shortness of breath, digestion, poor lactation, bleeding gums, bruise easily, swollen or painful joints, nose bleeding, anemia, prevent infections, slow healing of soft tissue or bones, colds, arthritis, lung problems, cardiovascular system, pregnancy
3-B (chewable) Vitamin C
Cancer, heart disease, macular degeneration, skin & capillary strength, shortness of breath, digestion, poor lactation, bleeding gums, bruise easily, swollen or painful joints, nose bleeding, anemia, prevent infections, slow healing of soft tissue or bones, colds, arthritis, lung problems, cardiovascular system, pregnancy
4 Vitamin E
Alzheimer's, angina, heart attacks, blood pressure, cataracts, retard in aging, prevent age spots, cardiovascular system, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, skin problems, keloids, kidneys, bladder, prostitis, pregnancy, edema, ringing ears, diabetes, sterility, loss of mental alertness, memory loss, post surgical conditions
5-C Fiber
constipation, removes toxins from intestines, obesity, impacted colon, poor elimination, improve digestion, improve skin condition, improves energy, general health
6 Gall-Plex
Gallbladder disorders, digestion (flatulence, belching, sharp stomach pain, heartburn) aids to digest fats, protein, and cholesterol
7 Iron
helps transport oxygen, anemia, fatigue, easily bruise, menstrual cycle, nose bleeding, shortness of breath, red blood cell deficiency
8 Kidney/Diuretic
Edema, kidney problems, high B/P, bladder problems, weight gain by water retention
9 B-12
Bleeding gums, anemia, fatigue, nervous disorders increase gamma globulin levels, helps nervous and blood systems
10 Sport Injure
Athletic injuries, weak joints, neck & low back problems, weak knees & ankles, fatigue capillary fragility, muscle weakness, depression, dizziness, maintain proper pH balance
11 Vitamin C
Energy Drink Cancer, cardiovascular disease, cataracts, increases HDL and decreased LDL oxidation, B/P, (great sports drink)
12 Liver
Detoxification of the liver, hepatitis, bad breath, heart problems, lung problems, constipation, gallbladder dysfunction, helps rebuild and cleanse the liver, high uric acid (The liver is your bodies oil filter)
13 Multi-Vitamin
Sub-clinical malnutrition, post-operative recovery, stress, daily as needed
14 Multi-Minerals
Acne, Alzheimer's, arthritis, athletic problems, aneurysm, blood thinning, B/P, cardiovascular disease, cardiomyopathy, diabetes, fibromyalgia, impaired immunity, low electrolytes, nerve disorders, osteoporosis, PMS, prostatitis, stomach ulcers
Cellulitis, depression, face wrinkles, fatigue, gray hair, hyperkeratosis, loss of skin elasticity, loss of mental acuity, memory loss, mental confusion
16 B-3 (Niacin)
Aging, Beurgers Disease, circulation problems, cold hands & feet, dizziness, memory loss, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, ringing in ears, skin problems, Raynauds Disease, sterility, helps nervous & circulatory systems
17 Digest-Zyme
Helps in digestion of food, aids in detoxification, joint pain, gout, food allergies, fatigue, flatulence, belching, heartburn, abdominal pressure, weight problems, general poor digestion; enzymes to help the healing process
18 B-Complex
Arthritis, acne, candida, depressed, anemia, constipation, blood pressure, hair loss, headaches, high cholesterol, hyperactive children, increased stress, insomnia, irritable, poor appetite, neuritis, radiation of pain, suicidal, tired
19 Relax
Acute pain conditions, anxiety, arthritis, acute muscle contractions, colitis, high B/P, insomnia, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, tetany
20 Children's Chewable
A balanced for children's specific needs, helps prevent sub-clinical malnutrition
21 Weight Control
Curves appetite, convert white fat to liquid, weight problems
22 Zinc
Acne, help in accelerated healing, athletic injuries, colds, general healing process, heart conditions, help remove cellular debris, loss of taste, prostatitis, skin problems, stunted growth, white spots on fingernails
23 Pancres
Diabetes, digestive problems, hypoglycemia, reduce inflammatory conditions, break down dead tissues, improve protein digestion, moodiness, pancreatitis, normalize blood sugar, increase insulin production
24 Adrenl
Decreased energy, dizziness when standing up, decreased kidney functions, hypoadrelnia, lethargy, inflammatory conditions, poor memory, stress, weakness
25 Allergies
Allergies (systemic or respiratory), candida albicans, hay fever, inflammatory conditions, sinusitis, thymus stimulation
26 Blood Pressure
High & low blood pressure; helps stabilize blood pressure and lower cholesterol
27 Ovary/Uterus
Crying spells, hot flashes, PMS; helps normalize ovarian and uterine function
28 Greens
Candida albicans, intestinal problems, low energy, source of chlorophyll
29 Amino Acid
diabetes, helps in the bodies healing process after an injury/accident/bodybuilding, hypoglycemic hair ends splitting, weak nails, weight problems, thinning hair
30 Aloe Vera
Burns, colitis, eyewash, helps promote skin and mucous membranes to heal internally, topical sores, supplemental for highly allergic people; helps assimilate, eliminate, cleans, and heal digestive system, wounds
31 Thyroid
Always hot, cold hands & feet, get chills, excessive sweating, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, no energy, thyroid goiter; helps normalize thyroid and pituitary function
32 Prostat
balancing of male hormones, increased urine flow, prostatitis; supports a more normal male reproductive system
33 Heart
Blue lips, cardiovascular problems, difficulty breathing, poor circulation, shortness of breath, tonic for vascular system; may benefit the heart and circulation
34 Lung
Asthma, bronchitis, colds, flu, deficiency of vitamin D, hay fever phlegm, pneumonia respiratory allergies, respiratory irritation, sinus problems, throat & nasal discharge, velamina
35 Acidophilus
Allergies, bloating, candida albicans, colon problems, chronic fatigue, depression, food cravings, eczema, headaches, hypoglycemia, inability to concentrate, increase intestinal flora, memory loss, poor nutrition, drug or alcohol abuse, prostrate problems, vaginitis, source of colostrums to build immuniglobins & lactobacillus
36 Vitamin A
Allergies, asthma acne, candida albicans, dermatitis, emphysema, general infection, lymphatic congestion, swollen joints by water retention, tuberculosis, thymus problems, visual problems, weak immune system
37 Pain
Headaches, low back, joint inflammatory conditions, neurological condition, minor pain, neuritis, sciatica, sunburn
38 Toothpaste
Natural toothpaste, no fluoride, saccharin, preservative, or dyes
39 Parasite/Chelation
Parasite cleanse and oral chelation, organ worm cleanse heavy metal and cholesterol chelator; recommend two times a year
40 Colostrum
Bowel problems, candida albicans, colds, fever, flu, hepatitis, infections, boost immune system, helps in fighting any disease process
41 Parasite
Parasites, lower bowel cleanser, chronic fatigue, chronic diarrhea, trouble shaking illnesses
42 Catalytic Water
Helps assimilate mineral and vitamins, use on skin disorders as a spray (mix along with #56)
43 Omega 3
Fatty Acids Dry skin, Vitamin F, cholesterol, heart problems, hormone balance, joints, Multiple sclerosis, sensitivity to the sun
44 Candida
Candida albicans, indigestion
45 Protein Drink
Meals replacement drink, good protein supplement, cutting down on caloric intake without becoming hungry
46 Skin
Acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin conditions, also helps kidney function
47 Bee Pollen
Allergies, amino acids, energy
48 Energy
Athletic performance, depression, energy, hormone imbalance, mental clarity, sex glands, stamina
49 Olive Leaf Plus
Arteriosclerosis, asthma, arthritis, bacteria, cancer circulatory problems, colds, diseases, digestive problems, fungus, detoxify, fatigue, flu, lung disorders, lymphatic system, liver disorders, ulcers, most infections, high B/P, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, weakened immune system, Nature's antibiotic
50 Soil Conditioner
Reduces water surface tension, anti bacterial and anti fungal agents, non-petroleum based; 8 to 32 ounces per acre
51 Nature liquid cleanser
All purpose body-cleansing soap, ph balanced, kills most bacteria in 30 seconds
52 Invisible Glove
Protects skin from chemicals/environment; good for mechanics
54 Anti Oxy
Arthritis, Alzheimer's, heart attacks, improve joint flexibility, reduce diabetic retinopathy, improve skin smoothness, Parkinson's, stroke, varicose veins; one of nature's best antioxidants
55 Essiac Tea Bags
Ancient & Canadian Indian herbal remedy for degenerative diseases
56 Colloidal Silver
Nature's antibiotic, can be used in cooking, applied to skin, or taken orally
57 Immune Multi
Most complete formula; good for immune system & degenerative diseases, longevity, endurance; for optimum nutrition
58 Colloidal Minerals
Complete mineral supplement; 72 colloidal organic minerals in liquid form
Mother hormone; Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes, normalize sex organs, obesity, senility, helps for weight loss, sound mind when under stress
60 Propolis cream
Healing the skin, minor cuts, abrasions, varicose veins, hemorrhoids
61 Magnetic toothbrush
Helps remove plaque due to the magnetic field created during brushing.
62 MSM
Allergies, rebuild cartilage and tendons, diabetes, emphysema, skin
63 MSM eye drops or ear drops
Helps soothe and stimulate circulation in the eye or ear.
64 MSM lotion
softens skin, may help with wrinkles, scar tissue, and adhesions
65 Zinc lozenge
Sore throat, cough
66-F Wild Yam cream
female hormone related symptoms and dysfunctions
67-M Saw Palmetto cream
male hormone related symptoms and dysfunctions
68 St. John's Wort
Depression, hyperactive children, hypertension, relaxation
69 Reishi Mushroom
Arthritis, candida, chronic fatigue, heart disease, blood pressure, hepatitis, stimulates the immune system
70 Country Pets
Multi-vitamin and mineral for your pets. 103 plus nutrients
71 Country Animals
Multi-vitamin and mineral additive for horses, cattle, etc. Improves racehorses lung capacity and dairy calves and cows.
72 Pet Parasite
Rids pets of different kinds of parasites. Do not use on horses.
73 Mosquito Ease
Helps repel mosquitoes
74 SOD-PAU D'Arco Plus
immune stimulator especially in degenerative diseases
75 Brain/Memory
memory enhancer, stimulates blood flow to the brain
76 Golden Flax Plus
Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils, Cholesterol problems, cysts in the uterus, breast, skin and colon
77 Sports ointment
temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints
79 Sleep-A-Weigh
nighttime weight loss drink; helps dissolve fat in vessels and arteries, may produce good nights sleep, weight problems
80 Magnetic Ceramic Necklace
Benefits: Left hand- memory, dyslexia, ADD, Etc.
81 Magnetic Ceramic Necklace
Benefits: Headache, Stress, Stroke, Tinnitus, clear thinking, heart rhythm; Do Not use with pace maker.
82 Q-link
Neutralizes the effects of man-made electromagnetic fields.
83 9 Grade Magnetic Disk
Pain, sore joint, and growths
84 18 Grade Magnetic Disk (Super)
Pain, sore joints, growths
85 Natural Shampoo
100% essential oils, no artificial or harmful ingredients
86 Natural Conditioner
100% essential oils, no artificial or harmful ingredients
87 Bright Eye
any type of eye degeneration
88 Revive
Amino Acid Complex; Loss of muscle tone and/or accelerated aging problems